IS-230 The Bitumen Industry - A Global Perspective - Production, chemistry use

  • Category: Health, Safety, Environment
  • ISBN: 9781934154540
  • Language: English
  • Published: 01/01/2015
  • Pages: 58
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Production, chemistry, use, specification and occupational exposure

(3rd Edition)
Petroleum bitumen is known by different names throughout the world. For example the terms "bitumen" and "asphaltic bitumen" are typically used in Europe and are synonymous with the term "asphalt," or asphalt cement used in North America. Outside North America, the term "asphalt" is used to describe mixtures of bitumen with mineral materials. Jointly published by the Asphalt Institute and Eurobitume, this publication concerns bitumen produced by petroleum (crude oil) refining. It provides an overview from a global perspective of bitumen manufacturing, blending, physical properties, chemical composition and occupational exposure. Includes a glossary of terms. Copyright 2015. 58 pages. $25.00 FREE eBook available here.


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