IS-235 IS-235 State-Of-The-Knowledge, The Use of REOB/VTAE In Asphalt (PDF)

  • Author: Asphalt Institute
  • Category: General Information
  • ISBN: 9781934154755
  • Language: English
  • Published: 08/01/2016
  • Pages: 89
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This free publication is entitled “IS-235 State-Of-The-Knowledge, The Use of REOB/VTAE In Asphalt” and was produced by the Asphalt Institute’s REOB/VTAE task force, made up of Asphalt Institute (AI) member company representatives, AI staff engineers and a representative from the Federal Highway Administration. The book provides a comprehensive review of available information on the modification of paving grade asphalt binders with REOB or VTAE. Combining all the pertinent information in one place was the goal of the authors. FREE eBook available here.


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