IS-225 Management Practices For Asphalt Facility Control of Hydrogen Sulfide Exposure

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  • ISBN: 9781934154533
  • Language: English
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Management Practices for Asphalt Facility Control of Hydrogen Sulfide Exposure A summary of management practices for asphalt facility control of H2S exposure. Provides insight for a typical liquid asphalt industry member who desires to develop a plan for the first time or may wish to update and improve an existing plan. Such a plan would be designed to protect employees, contractors, and visitors from the hazards of H2S exposure. The scope of these practices is limited to the recognition, evaluation, and control of H2S exposure during refinery tank, distribution terminal, and transportation activities of storage, loading, and unloading liquid asphalt. Transportation activities within the scope include refinery-to-terminal shipments and terminal-to-terminal shipments. 44 pages.


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